6 Recommendations for a Weekend in Jiaoxi Hot Springs, Taiwan

Hot springs and waterfalls beckon enticingly from Jiaoxi, a city that’s only an hour’s bus ride from Taipei. If you find yourself on the way to Jiaoxi some weekend, then here’s what I recommend you check out on arrival, including a delicious cheap eat and a place to stay.

Jiaoxi may look bustling, but once you get into the hot springs it’s all rest and relaxation.

1. Get a fish pedicure

There are signs at several places in Jiaoxi where for 80 NTD you can get some paper towels and allow fish to nibble at your toes for as long as your heart desires.

Can you tell he is in ticklish hell?

2. Get naked in the forest

Also for 80 NTD you can go to Hot Springs Forest Park, where the hot springs are divided into men’s and women’s. The dress code is nothing, so bust out your birthday suit and go for a brave stroll among the trees and bubbling springs.

This pic is from the park outside the Hot Springs Forest Park. Shockingly, photos were discouraged inside.

3. Dip your feet for free

Don’t fancy paying cash for a dip. Well, there are plenty of freebie options for your feet scattered throughout Jiaoxi. Just look for the rising steam in any tree-lined park and pop your toes in.

Warm toes are a godsend in rainy Yilan County.

4. Hike up to a waterfall

Take a local bus towards Wufengxi (you can use your Easy Card) or take a taxi. Then hike past some pretty streams to see the waterfalls. There are three and they are all quite impressive for being a stone’s throw away from town.

This one’s a baby waterfall, but the spray off of it wasn’t enough to ruin my camera, so that’s the photo I’m going with.

5. Stay in this Airbnb and enjoy a personal hot spring bath

I highly recommend this Airbnb on the edge of town. The place is cheap for Jiaoxi, clean, and modern. And the bathtub is linked to the hot springs, so you can get all the benefits of the minerals on your skin without baring it all in front of a bunch of strangers.

Doesn’t that bath look enticing? Excuse the messy room. For some reason my suitcase explodes upon entering a hotel.

6. Eat a cheap and filling meal at a local place

Jiaoxi has lots of hotel dining options, but they can be quite pricey for substandard fare. Instead try some hot, thick broth and noodles for only 30 NTD. You’re wallet and your stomach will be satisfied all afternoon. This place is close to the train station, just walk outside and look for a restaurant with a red sign. I think the Chinese name translates to Luo Dong Pork Soup, but don’t quote me on that.

My mouth is watering just looking at this hot, thick, soup.
This is what the outside of the place looks like. It’s just down the road from the train station.

Got anymore Jiaoxi recommendations? Let me know in the comments as I’m definitely going back to this lovely hot springs town soon!


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  1. Ever the hiker, I’d happily recommend a couple of walks in the area. St Marian’s hiking trail (聖母山莊) is a semi-challenging 10km walk which starts right next to Wufengchi waterfalls – (and it also passes a really unique circular Catholic church – you should definitely add it on to the waterfall viewing trip even if you don’t go any further up the hill). And if you are more of a stroller than a hiker, you could try Linmei Shipan trail (林美石磐步道). This is a relaxing 3km amble next to a stream which most toddlers could manage.

    Next time I think I might take your tip to go down to the park and dip my feet in the hotsprings there!

    1. shybackpack says:

      Aww lovely! Thanks for the tips. We’ll be going back soon, so we’ll try the church hike. Thanks!

  2. Looks so cool! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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