5 Worth-It Expensive Travel Experiences

What’s worth spending money on even if you’re broke? Here are 5 travel experiences that are worth spending the dough on even if you’re traveling on the cheap.


1. Food tours

Food tours are more expensive than walking tours, but they include dinner and/or lunch. A food tour is a great way to learn about cultures in a memorable way. My personal favorite so far throughout my travels has been Kim’s Food Tours in Hanoi, so if you’re in the area check her out.


2. A comfortable place to stay

Sleep is priceless. I almost NEVER sleep in hostels anymore unless I’m by myself and trying to make new buddies. Why? Because if I can’t sleep, I can’t enjoy my travels. It’s worth the cash for a private room.


3. Healthy food

Yes, you can save money by eating convenience store noodles every day, but you can also make yourself sick doing that. Eat a balanced diet. Traveling is exhausting and there is nothing worse than feeling sick and miserable on the road.


4. Ethical experiences

It’s worth paying for ethical or charitable experiences. Yes, you can go to a cheap elephant reserve in Thailand, but you won’t feel good about how the elephants are treated. Go to a reputable place. This goes for other travel experiences as well. For example, you can tour an indigenous area for cheap with a money-making company, but it’s probably worth paying a charitable organization or the locals directly for a tour, just to feel like your travel experiences are actually helpful and not harmful to those communities.


5. Those once in a life-time moments

You can only see the Vatican in Vatican City. So go for it. You can only see Ankor Wat in Cambodia, so spend the cash. A historical museum, even an interesting historical museum, is still just a museum and probably not worth the money, but for once-in-a-lifetime places it’s worth shelling out the cash.


Are there are any other travel experiences that you think are worth the extra money? What do you spend money on even when you’re traveling on the cheap? Let me know in the comments!


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