5 Reasons Why Doulio, Taiwan is Worthy of a Wander

Doulio is off the beaten path… wayyyy off the beaten path. People don’t go to Doulio unless they live in the area, and I’m not saying that you should go out of your way to see this cute town, but if you’re in Chiayi or Puzi, Doulio is worthy of a wander and here’s why.


Note: Everything below is within a few blocks of the train station. I didn’t catch any of the street names, but if you wander in a small radius around the station you’ll easily find all of these stops.

1. The Japanese Shopfronts

This is Doulio’s biggest draw, streets on streets of lovely old Japanese buildings filled with new shops. The rows of billboard signs below gorgeous old Japanese architecture make for some fun wandering and cute photographs. I was really impressed by these beautiful old buildings.


2. The Night Market

When we arrived late afternoon the night market was just gearing up, but it looks like it has lots of food stands and as we were heading back to the station, I noticed that a big crowd was starting to form, so I’ve got plans to go back for the night market.


3. This Café

I miss outdoor cafes and beer gardens so much from my days in Europe, and this café was the perfect combo of both ideas.


There were tons of locals drinking tea, coffee, and beer on the wooden patio outside, and I’m desperate to go back to Doulio for a beer in the sun. We didn’t have enough time during this afternoon wander, but I’m coming back for this cute, sunny café.


4. These Old Japanese Houses

These houses seem abandoned, but with a pond and big banyan trees out front they make for some really picturesque photos. This area is similar to the Hinoki village in Chiayi, but without the hordes of selfie-taking tourists.


5. This Giant Daiso Store

Everything inside is 39 NT, and Daiso has just about everything.


I was particularly pleased with the Halloween section. Go for a wander in here and I guarantee you’ll leave with something.


So while I wouldn’t recommend trying to get to Doulio from Taipei (It’s not that exciting), I would recommend it as an afternoon trip from Chiayi. With cute shops and beautiful old architecture, Doulio, Taiwan is completely worthy of an afternoon wander.


Has anyone else been to Doulio? What do you think and would you recommend it?


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