The 10 Most Hoosier Things To Do with an Indiana Visitor

Last summer my Portuguese boyfriend came to visit me in Indiana. My friends and I had a blast coming up with the most embarrassingly Hoosier things we could think of to do with him. Here’s the Ultimate Indiana Itinerary we came up with.

#1 Drink root beer at a drive-thru.

Dog ‘n Suds, Lafayette, IN

After living abroad, I’ve come to learn that root beer is an American thing. The rest of the world is sadly deprived of this glorious drink.

#2. See an American football game.

Purdue, of course.

Anyone who thinks this was a poor choice can close your browser now. :p

#3 Solve a corn maze.

Exploration Acres, Lafayette, IN

Depending on the time of year, go get hopelessly lost with your victim- I mean visitor in a corn maze.

#4 Check out a farm or a county fair.

Prophetstown, West Lafayette, IN

Essentially, just go to a place with pigs and sheep. You’re visitor will have a rural heart attack.

#5 Eat pulled pork and barbecue.

All BQ’s in Delphi, IN being the ultimate BBQ place.

After petting some farm animals, go eat them. He’s clearly enjoying his baked beans a little too much.

#6 See an Indy 500 Race.

Or just the racetrack and museum if you’re crunched for time, like we were.

Being next to the track counts, right?

#7 Check out a State park or National park.

Turkey Run, Marshall, IN

Indiana’s loaded with them, and if you’re lucky enough to be a born and bred Hoosier, you might not realize how special trails, woods, and nature are. The rest of the world isn’t so lucky.

#8 Find a friend with some guns and go shooting.

Yeah, didn’t actually get to do this, but it’s on the list for his next visit. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, guns are a part of Hoosier cultural identity.

#9 Go tubing or canoeing

Here’s us on Sugar Creek.

Take a long hard look at that armpit.

#10 Eat corn on the cob

Okay, okay, so he didn’t eat these ones.

But he did eat some corn on the cob during his trip. Can you believe he’d never done it before?! You can’t let your visitor leave Indiana without trying some sweet corn. Yummy!

Let me know if there are any things I’ve missed, and I’ll put ‘em on our next Hoosier destination itinerary.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this important message. Boiler up!

Doing Hoosier right. He, he, he… :p

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