Top 3 Waterparks near Lafayette, Indiana

Looking for a good place to cool off on a hot summer’s day in Indiana? Well, look no further than these three great water parks. Prices and addresses are included.

Swimmers enjoying the pool at Kokomo Beach on a sweaty, humid, Indiana day.

#3 Tropicanoe Cove

If you live in the Lafayette area and love waterparks, then you probably have already been to this park. With big slides, a lazy river, a fun kids’ area, lap lanes, and a small swimming area, it can be a good choice for a sunny afternoon, especially if you have small kids.

However, despite being one of the most well-known parks, it sits at number 3 on this list because Tropicanoe Cove is perpetually crowded. With only a small swimming area which fills up really fast, it can be hard to truly cool off at this location on a hot day. The lazy river in particular is often clogged with crowds, noisy, and not lazy at all.

Location: 1915 Scott St, Lafayette, IN 47904

Price: Costs vary at this location depending on date and time, so they should be checked here. A typical weekday afternoon costs $4.50.

#2 Prophetstown

Sitting just outside of Lafayette, close to Battleground, Indiana, is the gorgeous Prophetstown State Park. In addition to the farm with animals for little kids to watch, the trails, and the beautiful prairies, this park also offers an aquatic center. The waterpark was built fairly recently, so it has the newest facilities of the parks on this list. It offers slides, a swimming area, and fun, water-based basketball hoops. The best part of the park is the lazy river, which is filled with “hazards” that spray and dump water on its riders. This lazy river is a blast for kids and kids at heart, and this newly built aquatic center is a great choice for interactive water fun.

However, costs are a bit over-the-top at this park. It is $8 for a car load to enter the park and $5 per person to get into the aquatic center. The only way this park is worth it is if you get up early and make a day of it, making sure to include the farm and a few hikes on the trails. Remember to pack a picnic lunch.

Location: 5545 Swisher Rd, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Price: $8 per car and $5 per person for the aquatic center. Prices can be checked here.

#1 Kokomo Beach

And now we move on to my number one pick for water parks near Lafayette. Located in Kokomo, Indiana, this waterpark has more basic facilities than the fancy Prophetstown aquatic center or crazy kids’ area at Tropicanoe Cove, but at $5 for unlimited daily entry, this park is a steal.

The big slides at Kokomo Beach. Even on a “busy” day the lines are never long.

But it’s not the price that makes Kokomo Beach the best, as Tropicanoe Cove is technically the cheapest on this list. This park is the best because it is never very crowded. This park has a fairly large swimming area for a waterpark, and I think this helps minimize the feeling of crowds even on “crowded” days, as there is a place for people to actually go. No matter the time of day or how hot the weather is, there have always been open recliners when I’ve arrived at this park. There are also two swimming lanes, slides, a calming lazy river (which never gets filled the way Tropicanoe Cove’s does), and a kids’ area, making this waterpark perfect for all ages.

Of the three parks, my favorite is Kokomo Beach for the price, large swimming area, and lack of crowds. It might be located outside Lafayette, but it is well worth the drive for a quiet ride on the lazy river or laps in the empty lanes.

Location: 802 W Park Ave, Kokomo, IN 46901

Price: $5 per person. Dates and prices can be checked here.

Honorable Mention – Buccaneer Bay Indoor Aquatic Center

I’ve never actually been to Buccaneer Bay in Lafayette, IN, an indoor water park attached to a Best Western hotel, so I cannot personally recommend it. At $15, it is on the expensive side, but I’ve heard from parents that it is a good option for those cold, rainy Indiana days when the kids still want to swim.

Location: 4343 South St, Lafayette, IN 47905

Price: $15 per person.



Have you got any other recommendations for swimming in the Lafayette, Indiana area? Leave your suggestions below.



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