The 5 Surprising Benefits of the CELTA (or another TEFL course)

The CELTA and other week-long or longer TEFL courses offer a lot in the way of experience and practical knowledge. And of course that certification will look great on your resume, but taking a TEFL course might also help you advance other aspects of your life. Read on to discover the 7 surprising benefits of the CELTA.


  1. Besties

Talk to someone who has taken their CELTA and ask them if they keep in contact with any of their old CELTA colleagues. The answer is invariably that they have at least one still on speed dial.

Amid all the stress, planning, and assignment writing, bonds are forged that often outlast the harrowing experience of the CELTA. After all, you will most likely share similar interests to these people. Most people who take a TEFL course will want to teach and travel. Your personalities are likely to be very compatible. The stress of the course among like-minded folks adds up to surprisingly long-lasting friendships.


  1. Plenty of TEFL Certified Fish

There is a joke in the TEFL community that the CELTA should advertise as a dating service. Something about the trauma of peer critiques and failing lesson plans together makes the pheromones flow. Throw in the fact that most of the CELTA trainees are single, about the same age, and looking to change their lives, and you have the mood set for a steamy discussion about phonetics.

u:! ᴐ!


  1. College Part 2

Speaking of being with single, similarly-aged people all day, have you ever had the urge to relive your college days? Well, being in a classroom for several hours a day with your fast-becoming new best friends will inevitably lead to that old college feel. You’ll probably study and party with your new buddies just like the good old days.  Just don’t let your good-old-days hangover get in the way of your observed lessons.

“Excuse me, I just need to down some Advil before I start the lesson.”


  1. Professional Connections

We’ve discussed some of the more frivolous benefits of the CELTA, so why don’t we take a moment to discuss a more serious, but still surprising, benefit. You’re instructors will be former or current TEFL teachers or administrators, so take a moment to discuss post-CELTA plans with them. They’ll know of a few great places to apply and can often provide an excellent reference as well. Depending on where you take your CELTA they might even be able to offer you a job at the school you’re studying in!


  1. A Whole New World

The CELTA is offered all over the world. Sure, it’s expensive to fly across the ocean, but if you’re spending all that money on the CELTA anyway, you might as well see Rome while you’re at it.


Taking a TEFL course is a key step to becoming a good English teacher, but who knew that it could also improve your friendships, love life, chances of getting hired, and add a stamp to your passport!


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  1. I plan on doing my Celta in the next few years 🙂

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