Website Recommendations for Long-Term Travelers and Travel Writers

Recently I’ve been devouring websites for people looking into long-term travel, people looking for a place to read travel stories, watch travel videos, or write travel articles. These are my recent favorites.

Driving on the road

Jobs and Tips about Working in Different Countries – This is one of my favorite websites. This site does not often post specific positions, but it does have excellent tips on where to find jobs and how to get jobs in different companies/countries. – This is the first stop on most international job hunters’ lists and with good reason. – It appears that this YouTube interviewer has not posted in a while, but her interviews with people who have lived and worked in other countries are filled with practical tips and very helpful. – This site is specifically for the Czech Republic, but it posts job openings and other helpful information for people looking to relocate here. – This site lists families searching for au pairs in various locations around the world.

Vloggers – Love Louis or hate him, watching these videos always gives me the travelbug.

Bloggers – This is a blog from a young American woman who has traveled around the world. Her thoughts about travel are unique and refreshing. – A fun, colorful website with advice, destinations, and food tips. – Written by a smart, solo woman traveler, this blog is a good read for the adventurous, or wanna-be-adventurous, lady explorer. – This website specializes in “alternative travel” and has articles about unique travel experiences. It’s always an inspiring read.

Websites Accepting Submissions from Travel Writers – Submission guidelines can be found here. – I love reading this website and it is a mainstay of my website bookmarks. It’s full of great tips for those looking to live and work abroad. Submission guidelines and article needs can be found here. – This website contains some great travel guides. Here is the link to the submissions form if you have a guide of your own that you’d like to contribute. – This website contains travel tips based on destinations and accepts unsolicited submissions. – The editor here takes the time to respond even to rejected submissions. The site accepts a wide variety of articles which are most easily discovered through the “Sections” tab at the top of the main page.


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